Useful Links

We have put together a collection of useful links that may help assist your child birth journey.

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Midwifery sites

Our professional organisation and recognised ‘voice’ for midwives and student midwives in New Zealand.

Our governing body

Maternity consumer information

The Health and Disability Commissioner
Read about your rights as a healthcare consumer.

Maternity Services Consumer Council
Promoting the rights of women throughout the birthing cycle.

National Screening Unit
The Nationals screening unit information on antenatal and newborn screening.


 Isis = Infant sleep information Source.
ISIS provides information about normal infant sleep based upon the latest UK and world-wide research.

Health sites

Women’s Health Action Trust
Working to improve the health and wellbeing of women.

Quit Smoking
Reasons to quit, helpful tips, facts and information on smoking, support programmes, where to get help AND encouragement



Milk Matters
Support for breastfeeding families as well as non-breast feeding families.

La Leche League
This is an excellent organisation to learn about breastfeeding. Get help and support before and after you have had your baby. Being around other breastfeeding women, seeing breastfeeding, getting that support network in place before baby comes is the ideal way to support successful breastfeeding!

Mama Aroha
Empowering women to breastfeed

The Breast Room
Breast feeding support open for drop in visits Tuesdays 10-12am and Thursdays 10-12am.

Normal birth

Home Birth New Zealand
Home Birth Aotearoa supports and celebrates home birth and provides birthing women and whanau with information about the home birth option

Birth Spirit
Maggie Banks Website

One World Birth
Lots and lots of excellent information on nearly ever pregnancy or birth topic. Short instructional videos to watch and loads of information to read…..Highly recommended!

The campaign for normal birth
The campaign aims to inspire and support normal birth practice. It’s a reminder that good birth experiences can happen despite the challenges. Intervention and caesarean shouldn’t be the first choice – they should be the last.

The Tale of 2 Births
A youtube rap vid advocating baby friendly hospital and normal birth. Although made in the States it is applicable here in New Zealand.
Nice Guidelines on Waterbirth

The Face of Birth WA movie to empower you in childbirth

Natural Birth This site is my contribution to help educate and support women for this very important time.

Making Birth Choices  After a cesarean, most women have two choices for future births: a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) or a repeat cesarean section (RCS). There is a lot of misinformation about these two options. Here you will find LOTS of information and research on this and other topics related to pregnancy, birth and maternity.

For fathers

Great Fathers
What’s it like becoming a dad. Good blokey information for new dads.

Of interest

 Acion on pre-eclampsia
NZAPEC has been set up to: Educate, inform and advise the public and health professionals about the prevalence, nature and risks of pre-eclampsia. To campaign for greater public awareness of the disease and for action to improve methods of detection and treatment. To provide support for women who have suffered pre-eclampsia, and their families. To promote research into the causes of the disease and appropriate screening techniques and treatment methods.

Other stuff

 Birth Photograper Kerry Hodge
Kerry has caught some wonderful moments

 Sacred Pregnancy Circle
A sharing circle for pregnant women to connect on a deeper emotional and spiritual level with each other and hopefully build meaningful connection to last beyond birth. For more info visit

Charitable Organisations

Bellyful  is a national not-for-profit organisation helping mums around New Zealand when they need it most – at dinner-time! Our team of volunteers (generally also mums) deliver frozen, precooked meals to families with newborns and families struggling with illness. Thanks to our wonderful local supporters, our service is free.


Birth Support Group (BSG) For Young Mums to Be
A weekly antenatal education (in Dunedin) and support programme for young pregnant women confronting the changes and anxieties of an unplanned pregnancy.

What is unique about this antenatal group is that it provides participants with ongoing social work support and community visits in addition to preparation for child-birth and parenting skills.The programme runs throughout the whole term of the pregnancy.

Pregnancy Help  Providing free, client focused practicial assistance, information and advice during pregnancy and early childhood.

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