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About us

We are a practice of two LMC (Lead maternity carers) midwives. We provide full midwifery care for you and your whanau during your pregnancy, labour and birth and early postnatal care. You can read more about the services we provide on our Midwifery Services page.

We are – Fiona Heares and Tracy Finnie

I am Fiona Heares & I am a midwife.

Fiona HearnesI am an experienced LMC (Lead maternity carer) midwife. I have been in practice for more than 10 years. I have always worked as a community midwife, although I do practice within a hospital setting as required to provide continuous midwifery care. I hold a Bachelor of Midwifery and a PG Certificate in midwifery. I also hold a degree in medical laboratory technology, with PG qualifications in Biochemistry and Microbiology.

The New Zealand midwifery model of care is based on a partnership tenet. I whole heartedly endorse this principle of midwifery and its application supporting you towards empowerment to make informed decisions and choices about your care. Having information supports people to make the choices that are right for them and improves labour, birth and postnatal outcomes for you and your pepi.

I find it satisfying being able to support you to create and fulfill your own experiences of becoming a parent or growing your family.

One of my main philosophies that forms the framework for my practice is antenatal education. Being prepared informed makes you independent and powerful, able to make the best choices for yourself and your pepi. So you may anticipate long antenatal visits :-)

I believe in the optimisation of health and wellbeing in pregnancy and ideally pre-pregnancy, because research repeatedly shows us this has beneficial effects on the outcomes of both you and baby.

I consider myself an advocate for women, but while my role is primarily to care and support you, I believe in and encourage the participation and support of partners and whanau and support people. Once again research has shown that partner and whanau support makes a positive difference to the satisfaction and outcomes of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and a baby’s development.

Pregnancy and birth requires you to make many decisions regarding your care, your health and for your baby. You will find during your antenatal visits you will be asked to make numerous decisions. This can be new and sometimes difficult for some people. I will support your decision making throughout our journey.

During our midwifery education we learnt the concepts of safe practice based on the most current research to evidence our practice. This is something I will bring forward with me into my own practice. I see one of the most important aspects of the care that I deliver is to provide you with current, robust and applicable information and research to help you make choices and decisions about your pregnancy, labour and birth care.
It will always be a privilege for me to accompany you on your journey through pregnancy, birth and to meet your new baby.

I am Tracy Finnie & I am a midwife.

My journey into midwifery began when I was pregnant with my second child. My first child was born in Australia under a very different maternity system. The maternity care I received in my second pregnancy in New Zealand, ignited a passion in women’s health.

I felt so empowered by my own birthing experience that I wanted to make a difference for other women. But becoming a midwife was not going to be great timing for my family (and the future family we planned to have) so I pursued education in women’s health and parenting. I completed a Diploma in Childbirth Education and taught classes in Otago from 2001 to 2020 for Parents Centre New Zealand; Plunket and the Birth Support Group.

I was a consumer reviewer for Midwifery Standards Review from 2001 to 2009 and a member of the Permanent External Advisory Committee for the School of Midwifery at Otago Polytechnic. I have been inspired by many wonderful midwives along the way, to pursue my own midwifery training.

Leading up to midwifery training, I spent time working in the Oncology Department at Dunedin Hospital, working in the clinical research unit. With my family complete and my children gaining more independence, I qualified with my Bachelor of Midwifery in 2018. My first year of practice was completed at Queen Mary Maternity Centre at Dunedin Hospital and in 2020 I joined the team at Midwives On Main Street. I love being in the community and offering the continuity of care that LMC offers.

As an LMC I have gained a great deal of experience working with a diverse group of women, attending hospital and homebirths, and managing a variety of clinical situations. I have a passion for primary birthing, maternal mental health and education… you will be well informed.

My passion is promoting normal birth but also ensuring women getting the birth experience they want however that may look. Each journey is unique and it’s my job to support you along the way in whichever way you decide is right for you and your family.

The postnatal period at home is also a very special time and I endeavour to give you and your family a safe, positive experience.

I am grateful for all the families who I have worked with, allowing me to be apart of their incredible journeys. Like so many midwives, my work is so much more then a job, it is truly a passion & a calling. I feel blessed to have worked with so many wonderful families and it is a privilege to be invited into their homes. I am forever in awe at the amazing strength & ability that birthing women possess, and how perfectly their babies come into the world in the simple presence of loving support & gentle encouragement.

“If a woman doesn’t look like a goddess during birth, then someone isn’t treating her right”

~ Ina May Gaskin

Water Birth

Midwifery framework for practice

My job is to provide safe evidence based primary maternity care; to provide you with current evidence based information to assist you to make informed decisions about your care and that of your baby; to make referrals to other health professionals as required and authorised by you. To work collegially with other health professionals that may be involved in your maternity care; to provide you with continuity of care throughout your pregnancy labour birth and postnatally. To provide postnatal and newborn care up to 6 weeks after birth and to make appropriate referral to the Well Child provider of your choice.

  • To provide safe midwifery care that is informed by current research and practice.
  • To work holistically with women in a way that supports their culture
  • To partner women on their journey to motherhood and growing a family.
  • To provide one-to-one continuous care throughout pregnancy,  birth and post-natally up to 6 weeks for women and babies. Except when care is by necessity transferred to another healthcare practitioner or as negotiated with the woman.
  • To include other family members as defined by the woman.
  • To take responsibility and be accountable for my own practices and decisions.
  • To negotiate with women a midwifery care plan that will support them to reach their own pregnancy, birth and post-natal goals.
  • To empower women by encouraging them to take ownership of their own health and decision making. This is supported by providing current evidence based information.
  • To support and advocate for women’s autonomous informed decisions about her own and her baby’s health
  • To take-up my responsibility as a guardian of normal birth and to support breastfeeding.
  • To recognise when something is beyond my scope of practice or ability and to refer or seek support accordingly
  • To work collegially with other health care providers to enhance women’s healthcare.
  • To undertake on-going professional development and keep abreast of current research that informs my practice.
  • At all times to work within my scope of practice as defined by the New Zealand Midwifery Council’s Competencies for Practice and Scope of Practice.

Sustainable Midwifery

Midwifery as a sustainable profession:

I practice and promote sustainable midwifery. This means I will use and promote sustainable practices wherever feasible and when they do not conflict with the health and safety of the women I work with.

Within a midwifery context sustainability incorporates aspects of  environmental, economic, cultural and social considerations. This philosophy goes hand-in-hand with a holistic midwifery approach to maternity care, where your midwife works to support you in these areas during your journey through pregnancy birth and postnatally. For this reason women need midwives, who need women to sustain their profession, (Joan Donnelly). The midwifery relationship and approach is an unique model of healthcare which is particular to New Zealand.

In a sustainable practice I endorse:

  • Breastfeeding

  • Normal/natural birth

  • Cloth nappies

  • Natural fibres on baby

  • Homebirth

  • Healthy diet and natural foods in pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • Washable breast-pads

  • Water and cotton cloths as nappy wipes

  • Use of water only to bathe baby

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Every birth is a unique and personal experience. We will work with you to develop a birth plan that meets your needs. Providing you with the information to feel prepared and ready for your most amazing journey.