All New Zealand midwives participate in a two or 3 yearly Standards Review which is a requirement of the New Zealand Midwifery Council as part of midwive’s annual recertification. During the review process midwives are asked to reflect and comment on the feedback they have been given. So I will invite you to participate in this feedback process.

At the completion of your maternity care your midwife will either provide you with feedback forms and a stamped envelope which are mailed to:

Midwifery Standards Review Administrator

PO Box 21059, Edgeware
Christchurch 8143

OR provide you with a link to provide feedback on-line.

Not happy about your care?

You may want to contact the New Zealand College of Midwives who offer a resolutions service free of charge as a first step.

However if you are wanting to make a formal complaint about some aspect of the care you have received you will need to contact the Health and Disability Commissioner’s Office and you can do so by clicking on the link.

Contact details for the New Zealand College of Midwives is: or phone 03 377 2732

You can check the New Zealand College of Midwives website OR the New Zealand Midwifery Council website if you want any further information. Both links are available on the links page.

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