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 Midwifery Services

I am an independent midwife offering LMC or lead maternity carer services in the community.

This means I  offer full maternity care as well as labour, birth and post-natal services and care to you and your baby.

If you are a New Zealander, have citizenship or a working visa for a minimum of two years then maternity services in New Zealand are free.

The New Zealand midwifery scope of practice is in normal pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal care.


I provide both home and hospital births. I have practice rooms at 166 Hillside Rd Sth Dunedin. Feel free to pop in and meet us. I endeavour to have the rooms open for maternity care, as drop in community rooms and a place to sit and breastfeed your baby in privacy and comfort. My hours are from Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am or as my practices allow us.



Pre-pregnancy services.

If you are considering having a baby, talking to a midwife is a good place to start. A midwife can provide you with information on how to optimise your fertility and your chances of becoming pregnant. She will advise you on  pre-pregnancy health and lifestyles which will benefit both you and your baby during your pregnancy, birth and post-natally.


Pre-pregnancy is a good time to find a midwife that you can work with and someone who meets your needs.


Pregnancy testing

Your midwife is able to carry out Free pregnancy testing and confirm your pregnancy. She will estimate your due date and organise for your initial pregnancy screening tests.


Antenatal or pregnancy screening and care

Antenatal tests and screening include; blood tests, ultrasound scans, urine tests, swabs and physical examinations. Occasionally your midwife may recommend other tests or screening.

Your midwife will advise you on what pregnancy screening tests are available. The information she provides you should allow you to make informed decisions about which tests you may want to have done.

Based on your choice/s she can order the tests and will advise you of the results.


Generally in New Zealand your midwife will see you once a month until about 28 - 30 weeks gestation. After that you may see your midwife every 2 weeks until about 34-36 weeks gestation. From then you usually see your midwife once a week until your due date. If you go over your due date your midwife will make a plan with you for frequency of visits, and advise you on which tests and screening she thinks is advisable. She may also discuss with you your options for referral for an obstetric post-dates assessment.

During your pregnancy and antenatal care there is a lot to prepare for and discuss. Midwives are uniquely qualified to support you in your transition to motherhood. You can expect your midwife to offer information on labour and birth, breast-feeding, newborn behaviours, caring for your baby, well child provider care, social support and your own personal healthcare, to mention just a few things that will be covered in your antenatal care.


Labour & birth.

When you go into labour your midwife will be with you and will carry out all the assessments you need to ensure a safe labour and birth. Unless there are extenuating circumstances your midwife will provide your labour and birth care.  After your baby is born your midwife will encourage  quiet time for you, your baby and family. Your midwife will  complete or arrange for a specialist to carry out a top-to-toe check of your baby within the first 24 hrs.


Postnatal care

Within 24hours of being at home with your new baby your midwife will visit you to check you and your new baby's health. Your midwife will visit a number of times in the first week and continue to check you and your baby's health. She will support you with newborn behaviours,  feeding and answer any questions you may have. Many new mothers find the first few weeks challenging. Your midwife is able to support you during this time.

Your midwife will continue to visit you up until 5-6 weeks postnatally and then make a referral to the well child provider of your choice. She will write a letter to your GP and provide them with the health details of your pregnancy and of your baby's health.


What if I have complications in my pregnancy labour or birth?

The New Zealand midwifery scope of practice is in normal pregnancy labour and birth. That is to say we are primary healthcare workers. However, a New Zealand midwife is educated to identify deviations from normal and we are required to make recommendations to you for appropriate and timely referrals to other healthcare professionals.

Your midwife will work with other healthcare professionals to ensure you and your baby receive safe and effective maternity care that meets your particular needs.

Your midwife may recommend a consultation with an obstetrician for various reasons. This may or may not require the responsibility of your care to be transferred to an obstetric team, however usually your midwife is able to continue to provide you with midwifery care regardless. You may resume maternity (or postnatal care) care with your midwife once obstetric care is no longer required.