"If a woman doesn't look like

a goddess during birth, then

someone isn't treating her



~ Ina May Gaskin
















My midwifery philosophy.

The New Zealand midwifery model of care is based on a partnership tenet. I whole heartedly endorse this principle of midwifery and its application through empowerment and support of women to make informed decisions and choices about their pregnancy, birth, their baby and post-natally. Having information supports women to make the right choices for themselves and improves labour birth and postnatal outcomes for mother and baby.

I find it fulfilling being able to support and empower women to create and fulfill their own experiences of becoming a mother or growing their family.

One of the main philosophies that forms the framework for practice is antenatal education. Prepared informed women, are independent and powerful women able to make the best choices for themselves and their babies. So you may anticipate long antenatal visits :-)

I believe in the optimisation of health and wellbeing in pregnancy and ideally pre-pregnancy, because this has repeatedly been shown to have beneficial effects on the outcomes of both mother and baby. 

I consider myself an advocate for women, but while my role is primarily to care and support women, I believe in and encourage the participation and support of husbands, partners and fathers. Research has shown that partner support makes a positive difference to the satisfaction and outcomes of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and a baby's development.

Pregnancy and birth requires women to make many decisions regarding their care, their health and for their baby. You will find during your antenatal visits you will be asked to make numerous decisions. This is new and sometimes difficult for some women. During our midwifery education we learnt the concepts of safe practice based on the most current research to evidence our practice. This is something I will bring forward with me into my own practice. I see one of the most important aspects of the care that I deliver is to provide you with current, robust and applicable information and research to help you make choices and decisions about your pregnancy, labour and birth care.

It will always be a privilege for me to accompany you on your journey through pregnancy, birth and to meet your new baby.