informed decision making

evidence based practice & information

guardian of normal birth

breastfeeding support & information

continuity of care

collegial relationships that enhance women's healthcare

holistic & inclusive








Midwifery framework for practice


My job is to provide safe evidence based primary maternity care; to provide you with current evidence based information to assist you to make informed decisions about your care and that of your baby; to make referrals to other health professionals as required and authorised by you. To work collegially with other health professionals that may be involved in your maternity care; to provide you with continuity of care throughout your pregnancy labour birth and postnatally. To provide postnatal and newborn care up to 6 weeks after birth and to make appropriate referral to the Well Child provider of your choice.



  • To provide safe midwifery care that is informed by current research and practice.
  • To work holistically with women in a way that supports their culture
  • To partner women on their journey to motherhood and growing a family.
  • To provide one-to-one continuous care throughout pregnancy,  birth and post-natally up to 6 weeks for women and babies. Except when care is by necessity transferred to another healthcare practitioner or as negotiated with the woman.
  • To include other family members as defined by the woman.
  • To take responsibility and be accountable for my own practices and decisions.
  • To negotiate with women a midwifery care plan that will support them to reach their own pregnancy, birth and post-natal goals.
  • To empower women by encouraging them to take ownership of their own health and decision making. This is supported by providing current evidence based information.
  • To support and advocate for women's autonomous informed decisions about her own and her baby's health
  • To take-up my responsibility as a guardian of normal birth and to support breastfeeding.
  • To recognise when something is beyond my scope of practice or ability and to refer or seek support accordingly
  • To work collegially with other health care providers to enhance women's healthcare.
  • To undertake on-going professional development and keep abreast of current research that informs my practice.
  • At all times to work within my scope of practice as defined by the New Zealand Midwifery Council's Competencies for Practice and Scope of Practice.