About me.

I am Fiona Heares & I am a midwife.

I am 53 and have two adult children who have flown the nest. I came to midwifery late in life, but in doing so I have finally found my place in the world and what I want to be now that I am grown up.

BC (before children) I was a medical laboratory technologist at Greenlane hospital in Auckland and then a staff technologist at St Helens before moving to Dunedin. I married and stayed at home with my children.
My other careers involve owning and running a website business with a friend, then purchasing, managing and working on rental properties for myself and family.

In my personal life I value empowerment and equality for women. Learning that supports informed decision making which leads toward self-responsibility.

My interests include playing tennis, belly dancing, reading, walking my dogs along gorgeous St Clair beach, good food and friends :-)

I have recently been considering some midwifery post graduate studies.