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Fiona Heares:

Mob: 027715775









166 Hillside Rd.

South Dunedin











Dunedin midwife contact page - how to find your midwife :-)


There are a number of ways to contact me and below you will find my numbers and contact details.


I provide antenatal care from 166 Hillside Rd. South Dunedin., Dunedin. I work in partnership with another midwife called Jan Checketts. My midwifery rooms are called " Midwives on Main street" or MoMs for short, "There when you need us".

The rooms are open - Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am.


If you are in South Dunedin feel free to pop in and use our rooms for beastfeeding or changing your baby.

Or just to have a chat with a midwife :-)


For non-urgent matters you may text, ring or email me at any time during the day. I work 9-5 Monday to Friday, when I am available to answer inquiries and questions, (unless I am driving or catching a baby :-)
 If I am unable to answer immediately I will get back to you as soon as I can. At night please be aware I may wait until the next morning to answer non-urgent inquiries.


If it is an emergency or urgent please ring and not text. If I don't answer my phone, leave a message and if I don't get back to you within a half hour ring my back-up midwife.



Outside of normal business hours, unless you are worried about something in your pregnancy, you have an urgent inquiry,  or an emergency, please wait until the following day to contact me. Please be mindful that I need my rest when I can get it, so I am able to stay up all night with you in labour  :-)


Important Numbers:                                                                                

Fiona Heares:

Mobile Ph: 0277157785

Jan Checketts 0273924479




Midwives on Main street



Time off

I work Mon - Friday and every second weekend. My midwifery partner provides cover for me on my weekends off. From time to time I take a break or attend professional development which makes me unavailable.  in these instances I will forward my phone to my back-up midwife. You may meet my backup midwife at anytime during your pregnancy by contacting her to organise a meeting. Jan and I have similar midwifery philosophies and practice. Normally I am able to give you plenty of notice of when I am away and I try to arrange time-off to avoid your due dates.