"When I use my strength in the service of my vision, it becomes less and less important whe

ther I am afraid"

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A Dunedin midwife

Kia ora,

I am a Dunedin midwife and my name is Fiona Heares. I provide continuous midwifery care throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth and up to 6 weeks postnatally for you and your baby.



I believe pregnancy and birth are a special time in a woman and her family's life and every woman has her own unique experience of this.

As a midwife in Dunedin it is my job to support you, deliver safe midwifery care and provide you with all the information you need to make good choices for yourself, for your baby and your family during this time.

It will be a privilege to journey alongside you in your pregnancy, birth and becoming a new mum or growing your family and the changes and challenges that brings.

Midwives are the ideal health professionals to provide primary maternity care to New Zealand women. The midwifery model of care is holistic weaving together the physical, emotional, spiritual and the family, to provide individual care to meet your needs.

Research has shown women who go into pregnancy in optimal health are more likely to have healthy outcomes for themselves and their babies and they have a better postnatal recovery. For this reason I promote healthy lifestyle options and will provide you with common sense information to support a healthy pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatally.


My midwifery services include:

  • Continuity of midwifery care for the duration of your pregnancy, throughout your labour and birth and up to 6 weeks postnatally for you and your baby.
  • pre-pregnancy advice and information
  • free pregnancy tests
  • antenatal education includes screening information, healthy pregnancy, mental health, newborns, breastfeeding, labour & birth, postnatal health
  • Inclusion and education for partners and families
  • researched evidence based midwifery care
  • referral to other health and social services e.g obstetric and paediatric services, scans and blood tests
  • antenatal care, assessments and screening tests
  • labour and birth care
  • breast-feeding information and support
  • postnatal care and support. 
  • education, information and support with newborn behaviour
  • I am available for home and hospital birth.
  • I keep a record of your maternity care in the midwifery maternity book this includes all midwifery care, tests and results, and you get to keep this as a permanent record of your pregnancy.

I will work with you to develop a birth plan that meets your needs and provide you with the information you require to make informed decisions about your pregnancy, labour, birth and for your new baby.


If you are looking for a midwife call or text me on 0277157785 to arrange an obligation free meeting .


I have midwifery rooms on Hillside Rd South Dunedin called "Midwives on Main street" or MoMs for short.



Midwives, guardians of normal birth.

I am Dunedin a midwife